Lükas Graphics provides digital design services moving a client’s concept forward into the digital environment of today.


Our portfolio is three-fold:

Website Design

Graphic Art


This combination of genres is a powerful asset in the realm of digital design. Whether the project is large or small in nature, Lukas Graphics is up for the challenge. We strive to use a proper balance between cutting edge technology and effective design standards of the past to provide a clean, concise end product for our clients. Let us help you achieve your vision. Please review the services we can provide below.

Web Design


At Lukas Graphics, our most important goal when designing a website is to have the purpose of the site clearly identified by visitors. Once a visitor is drawn into the site it should be clean and easily navigated. The functional quality of the site is determined by the site’s performance in fulfilling a service or need for a visitor. While a site should be visually appealing, it is should not be too complicated for users. Often times the best sites are simple sites. Graphics can make a website look amazing but its important to also recognize their drawbacks. Graphics can not only slow down the loading of a site but also be a detriment towards how a search engine such as Google sees and ranks your site. A proper balance between text and graphics is paramount when attracting website traffic. Finally, we hope to provide website visitors with a feeling of uniqueness, a feeling of “Wow, I’m going to bookmark this site and come back again!” Click here to view our past projects.

Graphic Arts


Having a great idea is a start but how do you turn this idea into reality? How do you market this idea? Lukas Graphics is built to solve these problems for you. Whether it be developing flyers for an event, menus for a restaurant, t-shirts for a company, or a marketing strategy based around a logo, we here at Lukas Graphics can develop a design approach to meet your goal. Whether your organization is not-for-profit or is an established business, Lukas Graphics will work within your budgetary guidelines to steer a project to its unique and inevitable conclusion. Creativity doesn’t have to come at a cost. Click here to view our past projects.



Good photography can go a long way but it often comes at an expense. Lukas Graphics provides photography service for clients who are working with a limited budget. Click here to view our photography portfolio.